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WestportREADS 2017: Bettyville

Information and Events planned around the 2017 WestportREADS selections

WestportREADS 2017:  Bettyville: A Memoir 

Overview of 2017 WestportREADS / Bettyville and more

Discover the 2017 WestportREADS Theme -- It's "IdentIty"

This year, a committee of Library staff and community residents decided on the theme of identity as the means of selecting the book. Bettyville conjures questions about the author’s identity as a gay man, as a writer, as a son and whether he is a New Yorker or Midwesterner

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A remarkable, laugh-out-loud book.... Rarely has the subject of elder care produced such droll human comedy, or a heroine quite on the mettlesome order of Betty Baker Hodgman. For as much as the book works on several levels (as a meditation on belonging, as a story of growing up gay and the psychic cost of silence, as metaphor for recovery), it is the strong-willed Betty who shines through.
New York Times, June 2015

(Starred review.) This is a superior memoir, written in a witty and episodic style, yet at times it’s heartbreaking...filled with a lifetime’s worth of reflection and story after fascinating story.
Library Journal, 2015

A gay magazine editor and writer's account of how he returned home to the Midwest from New York to care for his aging mother.... But when he returned to Paris [Missouri], it was with a greater acceptance of who he was. Movingly honest, at times droll, and ultimately poignant.
Kirkus Reviews, March 2016

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Keynote Talk with George HodgmanThursday, January 19 at 7:00 PM  in the McManus Room.  

The Program is Free. Registration is strongly recommended.
Register online.

George Hodgman is a veteran magazine and book editor who has worked at Simon & Schuster, Vanity Fair and Talk magazine. His writing has appeared in Entertainment Weekly, Interview, W and Harper’s Bazaar, among other publications. He lives in New York City and Paris, Missouri. Author Website

Learn More about Author George Hodgman