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WestportCURATES August 2017: Suzanne R. Krauss

Where Westporters and locals select their favorite books across a wide range of subjects and interests.


                      Suzanne Krauss

"The collection of books I picked for this special curation are ones I could simply not put down. Each book left an imprint in my memory, and that's exactly how I hope people feel when they read my own story".


Suzanne R. Krauss began her career as a film publicist for The Samuel Goldwyn Company in New York City. She then moved into magazine publishing for some of the largest brand names in the U.S., including YM and Cosmopolitan. She is currently a marketing consultant and supports Kids in Crisis via Suzanne lives in Westport, Connecticut with her husband and two children. She is the author of To Vegas and Back.

You may find the items (below) on the WestportCURATES display on the main floor of the library next to the circulation desk. Please ask for assistance in locating items. 

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