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Our Favorite Games!: Home

Celebrate International Games Day, on November 19, 2016.  It's a worldwide library event, with a fun-filled day of board games, video games and game-related crafts and activities. And if you still can't get enough games, here is a list of our favorites to keep you forever at play!

Fireball Island is my favorite because trying to win that game—an achievement that has escaped me for going on 30 years—has become the most frustrating experience of my life. Also, there are fireballs.

Alex G-- Manager of Experiential Learning

Fireball Island gets an honorable mention because Alex’s tears are delicious.

Tom B-- Director of Knowledge Curation and Innovation.

Honorable mention for Fireball Island because I always miss when we play it!

Malik B-- Barista


Hard to choose, but my favorite game is Scrabble. Have so many happy memories playing with my mom and brother, and my kids later on. Of course, I love words but this is a game anyone can play and continue to get better at. A classic that never needs updating!

Cathy P-- Children's Librarian

One of the first board games we introduced my 5-year-old grandson to was Monopoly.  This occurred when he stayed at our house without his parents for the first time.  He enjoyed it so much that his mother surprised him and bought his own Monopoly.  She gave him that present when they went out for coffee and cocoa at Starbucks.  They enjoyed their drinks and the game together.

Margie F-- Business Librarian

Monopoly is our traditional Thanksgiving game!  My brother-in-law plays this game with all the nieces and nephews.  It is a fierce competition that has been going on for ten years now!

Susan L-- Reference Librarian

I love Mousetrap. Why? Because why not? The traps are amazing!

Malik B-- Barista

Trivial Pursuit Genus Edition is a family favorite because its antiquated questions leave us all equally bamboozled.  It's always fun stumping other people and learning new trivia!

Connor E-- Library Maker in Residence

All-Time favorite Game: Survive!, because it was light-years ahead of its time and still fun to play.

Tom B-- Director of Knowledge Curation and Innoavation

Guesstures has always been tons of fun.  It is an awesome game of speed charades-- perfect to pull out at a party!

Melanie K-- Reference Librarian

Clue is my favorite because I'm Batman and solving mysteries is my middle name.  

Malik B-- Barista

I like Clue because, in order to win the game, you have to be deceitful.  Like Poker, you have the opportunity to bluff your opponent in order to win the game.

Dennis B-- Reference Librarian

Taboo was my absolute favorite game when I was a kid.  If I had my sister or my best friend on my team, I never lost!  Perfect for word nerds, and bringing out old memories!

Melanie K-- Reference Librarian

Introduced to me in last few years. Love word games!

Deborah W-- Children's Librarian

Trouble is my favorite.  This game is easy for anyone to play-- it's like a game of chance.  I was always included in this game when the big kids played.  Plus, I like things that make noise.

Zsasha C-- Tech Helper

Pandemic is my new favorite game because we all win or lose together.  The stakes are high-- we race against the clock to save the world eradicating one virus at a time.  

Melanie K-- Reference Librarian

I’ve been playing Uno with family for the last 30 years. Fond memories.

Deborah W-- Children's Librarian

Machi Koro is my current favorite because, at the end of the day, who doesn’t want to own a Cheese Factory?

Tom B-- Director of Knowledge Curation and Innovation

Barrel of Monkeys is my favorite – I don’t know why.  Fine motor skills?  It’s akin to pickup sticks which I also like.  And Red Rover is awesome because it’s outdoorsy and nostalgic.

Lynne P-- Children's Librarian