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2018 Summer Reading Assignments: 9th Grade

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Letter from High School English Teachers

Dear Staples Readers,

Wow!  Another year has flown by, and here it is already: summer.  And nothing goes better with sand and surf than a good book.  So many of you have really turned on the reading this year as part of the Take Ten initiative, and we want to keep that going.  If you’re an incoming freshman, you’ll hear all about Take Ten next year, but this summer’s reading experiences will be a great way to get you started.

So, this year, we want to try something a little different.  We’re asking you to have four reading experiences.  That’s right. Count ‘em.  Four.

Start with choosing a narrative book (fiction, memoir, or biography) that just grips you.  You want this to be a story you just can’t put down. The next three choices will all be connected to this one in some way.  The second choice must include at least one informational book (anything nonfiction that isn’t memoir or biography).  The third book can be either narrative OR informational.

Your fourth choice is where it gets really fun: you can choose to “read” any other kind of text you want that helps form a connection.  This could include films (but not of the fiction book you read), infographs, documentaries, paintings, songs, poetry, articles, sculptures, the back of a cereal box: you name it!

Remember, the name of this game is to make connections.  You’re also going to need to jot down some of these connections and bring them with you in the fall to help with discussions and the writing around this experience.  Here’s a graphic organizer you can use for this.

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See you in the fall,   The Staples High School Community