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2018 Summer Reading Assignments: 8th Grade

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Letter from Grade 8 English Teachers

Dear Incoming Eighth Graders,

Summer is coming, and we want you to start thinking now about what you’ll be reading.  During 8th grade, you will have a variety of independent and shared reading experiences, so you should choose books that you just can’t put down!

With this in mind, please choose at least three books to read during your summer vacation. At least one of these books must be an informational text (nonfiction but not memoir), and all three books should be challenging enough to keep you interested and actively reading.

Another way to keep the reading active is to collect quotes from each of your three books that are important to you or stand out to you in some way.  This will help you to remember what you’ve read when you come back in the fall and allow you to be ready to write about and discuss those books. We’ve created some guidelines for you to use to collect these quotes.

And get your parents to read the books you’re reading, too, so you’ll have someone to talk to about your reading experiences and questions you have.

For suggestions or ideas in selecting books, check out the book lists on the library homepage, The Westport Library, and the Connecticut Nutmeg Nominees.

See you in the fall,

The Grade 8 English Teachers