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2018 Summer Reading Assignments: 6th Grade

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Letter from 6th Grade English Teachers

Dear Incoming Sixth-Graders,

    Happy Summer!  We hope you enjoy a peaceful, fun-filled summer with your families this year. One thing that we hope you’re all looking forward to as part of that relaxation is time to finally read all of those books that have been on your personal “must read” list!  We know we look forward to our summer reading and hope that you do, too. In the fall when you come to Language Arts, we’ll have time to discuss and share the wonderful books we read over the summer, so we want to remind you of that expectation. You can read all the books you want this summer, but our only “required” reading for sixth-graders is that you all read:

1. At least one fiction book of your choice that is written at your independent, “just right” reading level.   Remember that fiction includes realistic fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction, mystery, suspense, dystopian, and more.  So, choose what you like and read like crazy!

2. At least one informational nonfiction book written at your independent, “just right” reading level.  Please note that informational nonfiction does not include biography or memoir.  We all love those, as well, but for this particular assignment, we’re asking that you read at least one informational nonfiction book about any topic in which you’re interested.  It can relate to topics in science, social studies, social issues, technology, name it! There is a nonfiction book to be found on just about anything.  

For suggestions or ideas in selecting books, check out the book lists on the library homepage, the Westport Public Library, and the Connecticut Nutmeg Nominees.

We look forward to meeting each and every one of you next fall.  So, rest up, have fun, and savour the time you have over the summer to read, read, read!  

See you in the fall,

The Grade 6 English Teachers